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On the Garden Route Tour we currently ride a bike that needs no introduction! the original globe trotter that is the BMW R1300/1250/ 850 GS and the awesome Tiger 900 Rally pro.
our fleet is supplied by our Partners and is meticulously maintained to the highest of standards. 


The Garden Route Tour is the Adventure of a lifetime! but as the saying goes "you don't get something for nothing" there will be long Hot Days on the bike, there may be challenging obstacles for us to overcome but will there be one hell of an adventure? ABSOLUTLEY

On The Garden Route Tour You will be riding through some of the most outstanding scenery Africa has to offer, encountering vibrant cultures and experiencing all this wonderful Country have to offer! the Majority of our riding will be on paved roads in excellent condition. There will be a number of sections throughout the Tour that are "off - Road" to lodges etc.  Off -Road Experience is not necessary to complete this tour.

We Try where possible to offer the most authentic experiences to our guests. our Accommodation has been carefully selected for its Authenticity, cleanliness and overall guest experience.

South Africa has both sub-tropical and temperate climate conditions, which are influenced by the ocean along the east and west coasts as well as the interior plateaus, bringing a cool, wet climate in the Drakensberg region, to warm, sub-tropical in the north east, and a Mediterranean climate in the south west and a warm dry desert environment in the central west and north west. pack for every occasion!

Helmets are Mandatory on all of our Tours Regardless of Local Law's! as are protective clothing such as padded jackets, Good Quality pair of gloves and boots or sturdy walking shoes. because of the Heat we recommend well ventilated garments and goggles/glasses to combat the dust.

Your Passport must be valid for at least six months from date of entry. Visas must be obtained before entry into the country please check your government website for your Specific Visa requirements 

The UK Government website recommends that you check and complete the standard vaccinations according to the current vaccination mandate. Go to the GOV website and inform yourself in good time.

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